Thursday, August 20, 2009

We Love pedipeds!

My daughter's first pair of "real" shoes were the pediped Original collection Chocolate Brown Isabella pair.  Oh they were just so cute on her little feet!  They were our absolute favorite pair and she wore them all the time.  When she grew out of  them, we scoured the internet looking for  every larger size.  The Originals only go up to 24 months, so needless to say we were upset when they no longer fit.  Then I saw they have pediped Flex with similar designs, colors and of course the same quality!  We received the chocolate brown Isabella pediped Flex for my daughter to review.  We already knew we loved the pediped Originals, so I was excited to give the Flex a try.  We slipped them on her feet and off she went!  As parents we are able to tell if things bother our kids, even if they don't say it.  I could tell by the way she was walking that they are comfy for her feet.  The leather is high quality and the soles are flexible and sturdy.  A great plus is the Flex Fit System...children are able to adjust the fit or their shoes and prolong the length of wear.  So even when they get a bit snug we can take out the insert to give her a little more room and wear.  To top it all off they are absolutely adorable!  

There are so many colors and styles to pick from for boys and girls.  pediped Originals run from 0-24 months and are perfect for growing feet.  Made with two layers of the highest quality leather and a soft foam insert, they are comfortable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  The pediped Flex's are for sizes 5 to 12.5 and are made with the same high quality fine leather and a soft rubber sole.   Each pair uses advanced technology to maximize flexibility and absorb  shock in the heel.  These shoes are the "next best thing to bear feet"

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Visit for all their amazing selections of baby, toddler and children's shoes


jerricapuck said...

If you don't mind, would you check out my newest blog post?

I'd appreciate it.

jerricapuck said...

Thanks for the encouragement.
It's greatly appreciated.

& thanks for helping to spread the word.

Amy said...

what cute shoes. I so love them...

sunnymum said...

Love these shoes! Great styles for little feet!

MommyMarie2 said...

Oh they are so cute! We have never owned a pair but now we will definitely check them out. The styles are really adorable.


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