Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yes, I Am A Strange Bird & Awards

Thanks to Nichol over at Kiddie Corner Deals for bestowing upon me this awesome Your Got Scrap award!  She is the best :)

 Also a big thank you to Gena from Serene Moments for passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award.  She is the sweetest!  Make sure you click over and check their blogs out.

I am just going to combine these two into one! Here are the rules:
-Tell everyone 10 things about you that they may not know, but are true
-Tag 5 people to pass this award onto 

1.  I am a Greek girl who misses her extremely long maiden name
2. Was 1st runner up for homecoming queen in high school and was happy for the girl who won.
3. I can roller skate like no one's business!
4. Was restricted from sugar as a child...I now go hog wild with candy as an adult
5. I have a crazy obsession with adorable children's clothing
6. Before I even got married I had 2 engagement rings and 3 wedding bands (long story!)
7. I drove a Lexus before trading it in for a "Mommy Mobile"
8. Had perfect eye sight till I got preggo w/ my son. Now I am blind as a bat
9. I can only drink Deer Park and Aquafina bottled water, if tap water passes my lips i gag
10. I still check on my kids at least 3 times at night to make sure they are still breathing.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness that is Me!  Can't wait to read yours.  Just pick which award you want and get typing!  I tag.....


you know what I hate picking just 5.  So anyone that wants an award come grab it.  You are all fabulous to me!!!! Just let me know that you did so I can read your post :)


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