Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

~yummy dinner waiting for me when i got home from work tonight
~plans for going to Greece in May!
~this cute owl necklace i won in a giveaway
~making extra money selling on eBay
~surprise flowers delivered to my office from hubby...sweet Valentines Day gift!
~Nicholas sounding out words and figuring out the letters that make up that word
~Melina sleeping through the night...finally!!!


Erin said...

Are you Greek? I should tell you my last name, but with kids named Nicholas and Melina I'm guessing yes. My own daughter is baptised Kalliopi. Isn't that a riot.

Erin said...

Nope not me, but I am Orthodox now my name is Eirini and the hubby is of course. So I've got a half Greek daughter. Hubby's family is from Lipso and Astypalea. And as you know, the family is full of Nick, Nick,Nick, and Nicky's plus a few Zachary and Michael's thrown in for good measure. :-)

Erin said...

My Nona is named Irene and I was just baptised right before our wedding so I chose Eirini because it had all the letters of my own name and because she was going to be my Nona.
BTW, I was talking to my hubby today and asked him if he liked the name Melina (if we ever had another girl) and I got the thumbs up. It's a beautiful name. And your daughter and son are precious too. Yes, blogging is great. You get to meet the coolest people. Enjoy your weekend!


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