Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cheeks 15 Month Update

Oh my how she has grown! She had her 15 month well check up and she has not gained weight since her 1 year check up....but did get very tall!!! She weighs 25lbs 2oz and is tall. She is really outgrowing her nickname "Cheeks", which my Dad lovingly called her when she was born. But now her chunky cheeks have deflated and you can now see her chin. It's kinda sad to watch the baby weight melt off though. Melina is really coming into her own and the little personality is really shinning through. I just love hearing her say "Nick" and "Ba Bra" for Big Brother. She is now starting to put words together "More Pizza" is her new one. She is a major handful but as sweet as can be.



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