Friday, December 26, 2008

Better Camera's Take Better Pictures

Christmas morning as Nickle Pickle was opening his gifts, I asked hubby where the camera was.....he said "I put it in the video camera bag last night, check there" so I did and was baffled by what i saw!!! A Canon Rebel!!!!! Could this be? A camera that takes clear pictures....a camera that does not make everyone look like ghosts with red eyes when the flash is on....a camera that takes pictures fast enough to keep up with my kids. "Merry Christmas" he whispered. Besides my engagement ring and my Chicken and Cheeks, this was the greatest present. I really have not had a chance to play around with it yet and read up on the maual, but so far from what I have seen it is awesome. He also got an extra lense that takes great far away pics. I am especially excited about using it not only on my kiddo's, but also taking pictures of the bow's I make and items I sell on eBay. Well done Sweetie...I guess I will keep you around for at least a few more years☺



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